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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Work of Art

I think that Art works fine in a reality TV show. It’s definitely not a show that I would watch regularly but I don’t think there is any problem with it. The show is really no different than any chef shows or design shows. It works just fine.

I don’t believe there is such thing as a requirement for how long it should take to create art. All art takes a different amount of time to make. In this case, these people are trying to win a competition so they have to create a piece in certain time constraints.

Art can certainly be a group project! Simply think of movies. Every movie that’s ever been created in Hollywood is a massive group project. Such movies would never be possible without a large group of people.

Also think of dance choreography. Dances are constantly performed in groups.

Aside from these examples there are also groups of musicians and theatre groups.

Art can certainly be created in groups.

I’ve never thought there to be a “weirdo” stigmas associated with artists. Perhaps it is because I am an artist that no such thing has ever occurred to me. I feel that people should be allowed to express themselves in any way they feel they need to (as long as it doesn’t conflict with the law or killing people or something).

When the French guy comes in and tells them they are all wrong it is definitely problematic to the artistic competitors. However, in the world of art there is no such thing as wrong; therefore, what the Frenchman is telling them is that their concepts are wrong for the show if they are really truly trying to win. No one can tell an artist what to do, but if the artist is trying to win something from a certain someone or spectator then the artist must do what that person wants.

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  1. a really good point about the the guy with the outrageous French accent and art vs. competition.