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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HTM: Work of Art

Watching Work of Art in class made me understand the controversy that surrounds reality television. This is so as it is questionable as to whether art and reality shows can co-exist. I do believe that it is possible, as the episode shown to us in class proved this and was very interesting to watch. Personally, I enjoy reality television and think it is definitely becoming more popular in our society. I genuinely believe that the contestants on the show are artists and are not just television performers. However, in some cases their art abilities might be compromised in order to make the show more interesting. As a result, the viewer may be likely to focus more on the “drama” that comes with reality television rather than the art the contestants are creating.

Another controversial issue seen in the episode is that art was created in a group; this is not the norm however it is still acceptable in my opinion. This is so as multiple perspectives are able to collaborate, this is more commonly seen in the music industry. Furthermore, the time frame that was given to accommodate the show may not have allowed the artist to show their true abilities. Although art and reality television can co-exist in cases like this I believe the artists’ true abilities are shielded. This can also be seen in the episode when the French guy with the outrageous accent comes and tells them that they are all wrong with the concept. In this instance some of the originality and creativity of the artists’ are compromised. I do believe art is subjective but in order for it to co-exist with reality television it must be pleasing to the general audience and that is the reason pieces of art are judged against each other.

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