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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reality Art

After seeing the TV show Work of Art in class on Monday, I do believe that art and a reality show can exist. However I believe it exists with limitations. Putting the artists on deadlines like the show does, it does not allow the artist to create works that show their true skills. With the short time limits many of the pieces are often rushed, and short cuts are taken so that all that is needed to be done can get done. Even though I believe that art does take time to create, the artists could also come up with ideas that they know will meet what is needed to be done, but also what can be done in a timely fashion. If you have 24 hours and your idea for the project is obviously going to take longer than that, you should come up with a new idea.

Working as a group on artwork is definitely possible. As seen in the episode watched in class each person was responsible for their own work, it just had to correlate with all the other works of art that were done by the group. I believe the artwork may often be better when working with a group because more ideas are thrown around before settling on one. With this each artist is now opened to all new possibilities, and if anyone was having difficulty coming up with an idea of what to do the group may then step in and help. However, when working with a group the artists may also have to worry about their projects being judged against the others in their group. In the real world I do not believe that art should be compared to other works because it is all individual and personal to the artist. However, when it comes down to a reality show where there can be only one artist in the end, then it is fair to compare all the works to each other. It is only fair because you are trying to find the best amongst them all, and that cannot be done if you are telling all the participants how great their projects are every week. Therefore, on a reality art TV show like Work of Art, it is completely fair and understandable to judge each piece, but in the real world to compare art to each other should not be done.

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  1. Good comment about comparing art outside of the competition. Different rules for different circumstances. What's up with the font difference?