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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Work of Art

1. I do believe that art and a reality show can co exist as a result of there are a few shows that have already proved the world that yes it can work. Project runway is just one of many that has created art out of materials that are found around the city and pieced together to create clothes. Just by watching half an episode it was clear to me that this show has been very successful, has the ability to be also.

2.Given only a day to create art is a challenge, it is not impossible. Art is seen differently in everyone’s eyes and in mine one day is enough to create something great out of parts around the city. Yes art should take time to make but that does not have to be the case all the time. In the show the two groups were given a day and an hour the next day to create a piece that had to do with motion, and they ended up finishing it in one day. Art work should not be given a deadline, but during the show they were.

3. Creating art can be done in a group, but also it can be done as a solo project. Many famous artists have been successful in creating their own art pieces with no help. While watching the show it seemed that working in a group for that project would work in all of their advantages, but really it only hurt most of them. Certain projects may work in people’s favor if they work with others then themselves, and there are situations where a person may do their best work alone with no help. Working in a group can work out, but in other cases it may not.

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  1. You are right about Project Runway. Some of the dresses they make are art--incredibly artistic. And yes, you are right. Working in a group should be helpful, but here it really did not work for them.