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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rocky Horror Live

During Halloween weekend Spectrum went to Universal on a Friday night to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live. The show involves an audience watching the musical on the big screen with a live cast reenacting the scenes as they unfold and simultaneously mocking the film. Many audience-goers come dressed in costumes for the show. The show had a fun atmosphere, but even as a Rocky Horror fan, I was not thoroughly impressed.


A few weeks ago, I attended the RIP Tag show in the Fred. This show was hilarious and probably my favorite of the fall season. The players were really excited and enthusiastic about playing the improv games. Though it was slightly competitive, the atmosphere was still fun. The crowd was laughing the entire time and like usual, got to participate in the RIP show.

Art Experience 8: RIP Tag

Two weeks ago, I attended a RIP tag show. While I have been to many of the improv shows that RIP has offered this semester, this was my first RIP Tag. RIP Tag is a show in which three teams compete against each other and are rated by three random members of the audience. While I do always enjoy RIP shows, and I thought RIP tag was very funny. it came off as too much like a game show. I felt like I was watching an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyways? instead of a RIP show, which is usually characterized as having a plot and reoccurring characters. The game show feel came from the jeers from the crowd and the competitiveness of the cast. I also felt that the audience members who were selected to rate each game rated them way too highly. Averagely funny acts were given 4's and 5's which eliminated the standard that should be given in each performance.  Because of the inflation, almost every scene was given top marks even when they were not equally funny. When a truly funny act came on, all they could be given was a full 15 points (all 5's). While I will surely attend more RIP shows, I will not be racing to see another RIP Tag show.

Art Experience 7: Rocky Horror Picture Show

On Halloween weekend, a group of girls from my RCC decided to get together and go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Universal with Spectrum, the LGBT group on campus. Most of us had never seen the movie before, let alone a show, but we decided it would be a fun bonding experience to have together. Once we got in and were finally seated, we had to wait for what seemed like forever for the show to begin. Before the performance, they hired, and less than par singer to entertain the audience. Not only was he  untalented musically; but his songs were about octopi, boring sex, and attempting to write a song... not very enticing. He tried to make jokes as he performed his set, but his humor was even worse than his music and we were all glad to see him get off the stage. Once the movie actually started, and the actors began doing their thing, things got even worse. The sound was terrible, you could hear neither the movie nor the actors and it was just a big mess of unorganized chaos. As things were already pretty bad for someone who had no idea what was going on "plot-wise," the icing on the cake was the men they hired to stand in the aisle and make loud, obnoxious jokes that made zero sense. These guys were not funny in the slightest, they made the type of jokes that the kid who sat in the back of the class in high school would make. You know the one who did more "high" than "school". Overall, this Rocky Horror experience was less than ideal, and while I did not particularly enjoy it, I am still glad to have had the experience and would be more than willing to go to another performance... so long as it is at another theatre.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Art Experience

This entire year we have talked about what art truly is to someone and what qualifies something to be considered art. In my opinion I feel its many things that qualify, both abstract and concrete. For example, the other day I took guitar lessons which is considered music while at the same time being labled an art. Each chord to a musician was similar to that of a new color for a painter. So many options and possibilites that one could easily baffled with where to begin. My teacher at the time began playing "Sweet Home Alabama" perfectly, hitting every note and pitch with excellent precision.
Music is a great way for someone to escape and really be able to express their feelings. I feel playing guitar has done all those things for me and I can't stop thinking about which song to learn next. Art has so many possibilities which is what makes its so great and unique. Overall, playing music is a great form of art and I recommend for everyone to try learning to play an instrument at least once.

Art Experience

About a week ago I decided to watch the movie Halloween,what caused me to partake in such a horrifying thriller was most likely all the research I have done on "Realistic Horror Movies." Every source I turned to for a some clues on this challengeing topic lead me to this masterpiece of a film. The orignial movie was done by John Carpenter, who also is not only known for his directing but his terrifyingly creepy music. However, his version is good, it was the Rob Zombie remake that dragged me in. Made in 2007, the movie included all of the main plot ideas as well as the main character himself, Michael Myers. Who by the way is the massive serial killer the entire movie series is based around.
After watching the movie, I felt more thrill and excitment from this one movie alone then any other two movies I've ever watched before, put together. Zombie does an excellent job keeping the viewer on their toes the entire time. His angles and cinematography were fantastic but it was his writing as well the music that really put it above and beyond.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Final Art Occurrence (8)

Last night I played in and attended the Christmas Vespers Service here at Rollins. It was the first of 3 nights of performances and it went very well. It was truly a magical service with outstanding, wonderful music. All of the conductors, musicians, and vocalists alike were aptly prepared and made the service flow very smoothly.

I myself had a very nice time playing the organ on a few pieces and enjoying all of the others when I wasn’t playing. It was very rewarding to see the final product of all the music department’s work over the course of the last semester.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Thanksgiving parade

Every Thanksgiving my family turns on the Macy's day parade. I would consider the parade to be art because it has many types of art in it. It has floats, music, and dancing. My favorite part is watching all the musicals and dancers preform on the main stage. I would love to be able to go and watch it in person one day.


Last weekend I watched Australia the movie for the first time on Netflix. I really enjoyed it. I though it was filmed very well. My favorite part of the movie was the cinematography. The shots of the landscape of Australia is breath taking. One of my favorite quotes from the movie comes from Sarah, she says "Just because it is, doesn't mean it should be".

art occurrence 8

Another concert that I went to this semester was Avicii. Having never heard anything from the name I did not know what to expect with going, this concert was in downtown Orlando. Going to the concert was an experience that I will not forget while down here in Florida. The types of songs that were play were like Bassnectar with all of the techno music. I thought that the effects that were going on were very different than what I have seen so far at a concert. Also I did not really recognize many people from Rollins at it but I still had a great time!

Art occurrence 7

A few weeks before thanksgiving I went to the Bassnectar concert that was held in Universal Park concert area. I knew that I bought tickets prior to going but completely forgot that I had a ticket until that day. Going to the concert was a very interesting experience because of the type of music it was. I am not that into the techno music, but I did have a good time while I was there. The lights that were going on all around we not as exciting as the ones at the Kanye and Jay-Z concert I went to. It was neat to see all the different people that showed up and what they were wearing. Overall I had a good time with my friends!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art Occurrence 7

Last week I attended and performed in the Chamber Music Concert. The concert was made up of students in small chamber groups from the music department.

The concert began with piano duo work by Debussy. It was a very challenging work but the players were well prepared and did not struggle with it. It proved to be an exciting and engaging way to start the concert.

Following the Debussy was a movement of music by Franck. This piece was also quite complex and difficult. The work was for violin and piano and both players had a lot of energy and good sound.

A Bach trio came next. This piece for violin, oboe, and piano was longest of the concert. The trio played the complete sonata by Bach as opposed to just a movement. Their work on this piece was outstanding. Stylistically, they nailed it.

After this, another movement of the Franck violin piece was played. This one was much more exciting and I enjoyed it very much.

The next piece on the recital was a trio by Faure. This was one of my favorite pieces in the concert, and it’s not because I played in it. Faure’s trio is a beautiful work for piano, violin, and cello. Our trio did a very nice job playing it that evening and we were all very pleased with ourselves.

Some Schubert and Mozart followed and both were excellent. Then came the final piece of the concert: A trio by Mendelssohn. This work was by far the most enjoyable for me to listen to. I think the audience felt the same way too. It was very exciting, very intense, and most importantly, very well played. The pianist was flawless in his part and the string players were very good too.

Overall, it was an excellent concert that I was glad to attend and be a part of.