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Friday, October 28, 2011

Art is Subjective

Art should not be judged against another piece the same way food or home design is judged. Art is subjective and opinions are entirely up to the viewer. Two pieces cannot be judged next to another to compete for a "winner." Each piece has special meaning to the artist and every artwork can be meaningful to someone, depending on their perspectives and cumulative life experiences. Food can easily be judged for it's quality over another as can home design or even fashion. Art has a different meaning and connotation to everyone and the variety of personal taste can make it very hard to come to a consensus about which pieces and artists are better than others. I did not enjoy the reality show not only because I felt it was unfair to pit artists against each other the way that they did, but I also think that they picked artists more for their large and memorable personalities than for their talent. 

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  1. You hit on one of the big issues here. When casting the show, do you choose real artists (who can be a pretty anti-social bunch) or performers.