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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hot Topic Monday "Art Show"

After watching a reality TV show based on Art, I truly feel like I have seen it all. It sounds like an oxymoron just to say it. But, that besides the point and watching the show made me question so many things about what TV is now becoming.

Can art be a group project? Yes, it most certainly can, in fact I would think art could almost reach a new level if group style work was done more often. Think about it, instead of one perspective on a project, your getting several fresh ideas that can only help the overall goal; to make a masterpiece. By bouncing off thoughts from one another, the overall quality of the project should be better than someone who is solo.

Can a reality show about Art co-exist? In a weird way it can, but is it pushing it a little; most definitely. Reality TV is more like Jersey Shore or The Real World, shows like that are considered to be what reality TV is today, not a show that is more personal. It will work as an idea, but the ratings could be a little questionable. The concept of the show reminds me a lot of the show Top Chef. On how they took an art form such as cooking and made it a reality show, while with this show they are covering all arts.

Are the people on the show artists or performers? In my opinion, both, but there not really gifted at either. If they were hired just to perform then they definitely could have gotten better actors. However, if they were on the show to represent their artistic skills, then they really need to step it up! This is ultimately an art competition at the end of the day and from what I have seen so far, none of them are that gifted. I feel that the ideas that they come up with is so generic and simple thats its not really art to anyone else besides the creator themselves. Overall, this show in my eyes won’t last longer than one season.

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  1. Interesting last comment on the artists themselves. You raise a good point. If you are truly an artist, then why appear on a television show. Aren't you compromising your art?