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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Work of Art: Reality Show and Art in the Same World?

Reality show about art competition? My first thought when I heard about it was “ no way” “It’s impossible”. Even if there were some credible people as judges, I don’t feel like that still wouldn’t be fair. You can not have a soccer player competing against a tennis player; the same thing goes for art; you can not have a sculpture versus painting because they are two different types of art. Based on my observation of the show in class on Monday, I felt like the judges only decide what they like better. They judged mainly based on their preferences. Even the guy with the accent. He just commented that those arts that they do not make sense (to him ) even though it does make sense to the contestants. Judging pieces of art based on one’s preference is not fair; there fore, the competition is not fair.

As I observed the show, I kept wondering why and how this show is able to get enough rating on television and do the second season. Then, it just hit me when we got to the part that has one of the contestant cried dramatically, which was very amusing to see. I realized many people these days love watching low-intelligent, silly, amusing TV shows like Jersey Shore or the Kardashian family. Work of Art has that silliness. I believe most people who watch the show do no expect some rigid competition, they expect these artists to do some weird interesting stuffs, or may be have some funny moments. Many artists are very unique, so by getting a number of them on the show, thing gets very interesting.

Art and reality show do co- exist. Art is full of possibilities, anything, depending on personal opinion , could be art. By grouping people with different opinions on art in one show, it is just like multiple worlds collide with each other. As reality show is all about showing something real ( or at least look real), which is interesting, having the uniqueness of artists combined with the show makes interesting combinations.

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  1. Very funny and quite accurate. I like the comparison between sports figures and art folks.