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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art Occurrence 7

Last week I attended and performed in the Chamber Music Concert. The concert was made up of students in small chamber groups from the music department.

The concert began with piano duo work by Debussy. It was a very challenging work but the players were well prepared and did not struggle with it. It proved to be an exciting and engaging way to start the concert.

Following the Debussy was a movement of music by Franck. This piece was also quite complex and difficult. The work was for violin and piano and both players had a lot of energy and good sound.

A Bach trio came next. This piece for violin, oboe, and piano was longest of the concert. The trio played the complete sonata by Bach as opposed to just a movement. Their work on this piece was outstanding. Stylistically, they nailed it.

After this, another movement of the Franck violin piece was played. This one was much more exciting and I enjoyed it very much.

The next piece on the recital was a trio by Faure. This was one of my favorite pieces in the concert, and it’s not because I played in it. Faure’s trio is a beautiful work for piano, violin, and cello. Our trio did a very nice job playing it that evening and we were all very pleased with ourselves.

Some Schubert and Mozart followed and both were excellent. Then came the final piece of the concert: A trio by Mendelssohn. This work was by far the most enjoyable for me to listen to. I think the audience felt the same way too. It was very exciting, very intense, and most importantly, very well played. The pianist was flawless in his part and the string players were very good too.

Overall, it was an excellent concert that I was glad to attend and be a part of.

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