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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Art Experience

This entire year we have talked about what art truly is to someone and what qualifies something to be considered art. In my opinion I feel its many things that qualify, both abstract and concrete. For example, the other day I took guitar lessons which is considered music while at the same time being labled an art. Each chord to a musician was similar to that of a new color for a painter. So many options and possibilites that one could easily baffled with where to begin. My teacher at the time began playing "Sweet Home Alabama" perfectly, hitting every note and pitch with excellent precision.
Music is a great way for someone to escape and really be able to express their feelings. I feel playing guitar has done all those things for me and I can't stop thinking about which song to learn next. Art has so many possibilities which is what makes its so great and unique. Overall, playing music is a great form of art and I recommend for everyone to try learning to play an instrument at least once.

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