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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Art Experience

About a week ago I decided to watch the movie Halloween,what caused me to partake in such a horrifying thriller was most likely all the research I have done on "Realistic Horror Movies." Every source I turned to for a some clues on this challengeing topic lead me to this masterpiece of a film. The orignial movie was done by John Carpenter, who also is not only known for his directing but his terrifyingly creepy music. However, his version is good, it was the Rob Zombie remake that dragged me in. Made in 2007, the movie included all of the main plot ideas as well as the main character himself, Michael Myers. Who by the way is the massive serial killer the entire movie series is based around.
After watching the movie, I felt more thrill and excitment from this one movie alone then any other two movies I've ever watched before, put together. Zombie does an excellent job keeping the viewer on their toes the entire time. His angles and cinematography were fantastic but it was his writing as well the music that really put it above and beyond.

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