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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art Experience 8: RIP Tag

Two weeks ago, I attended a RIP tag show. While I have been to many of the improv shows that RIP has offered this semester, this was my first RIP Tag. RIP Tag is a show in which three teams compete against each other and are rated by three random members of the audience. While I do always enjoy RIP shows, and I thought RIP tag was very funny. it came off as too much like a game show. I felt like I was watching an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyways? instead of a RIP show, which is usually characterized as having a plot and reoccurring characters. The game show feel came from the jeers from the crowd and the competitiveness of the cast. I also felt that the audience members who were selected to rate each game rated them way too highly. Averagely funny acts were given 4's and 5's which eliminated the standard that should be given in each performance.  Because of the inflation, almost every scene was given top marks even when they were not equally funny. When a truly funny act came on, all they could be given was a full 15 points (all 5's). While I will surely attend more RIP shows, I will not be racing to see another RIP Tag show.

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