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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art Experience 7: Rocky Horror Picture Show

On Halloween weekend, a group of girls from my RCC decided to get together and go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Universal with Spectrum, the LGBT group on campus. Most of us had never seen the movie before, let alone a show, but we decided it would be a fun bonding experience to have together. Once we got in and were finally seated, we had to wait for what seemed like forever for the show to begin. Before the performance, they hired, and less than par singer to entertain the audience. Not only was he  untalented musically; but his songs were about octopi, boring sex, and attempting to write a song... not very enticing. He tried to make jokes as he performed his set, but his humor was even worse than his music and we were all glad to see him get off the stage. Once the movie actually started, and the actors began doing their thing, things got even worse. The sound was terrible, you could hear neither the movie nor the actors and it was just a big mess of unorganized chaos. As things were already pretty bad for someone who had no idea what was going on "plot-wise," the icing on the cake was the men they hired to stand in the aisle and make loud, obnoxious jokes that made zero sense. These guys were not funny in the slightest, they made the type of jokes that the kid who sat in the back of the class in high school would make. You know the one who did more "high" than "school". Overall, this Rocky Horror experience was less than ideal, and while I did not particularly enjoy it, I am still glad to have had the experience and would be more than willing to go to another performance... so long as it is at another theatre.

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