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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art Occurence 2

I went to see a RIP : Cut To performance and it was amazing. The house was packed and people were being turned away even though the performance was at eleven at night. RIP : Cut To is a style of improv that involves movie language and moving backwards and forwards through time. This time Jaz and Christian and were the main character's of the improv movie. (Thank God this one didn't involve Brian masturbating) Anyway they were old high school friends who liked each other but never had anything develop because of Alexa's meddling. It was very funny and interesting. Lots of laughs. I forced a friend of mine to go with cause she just needed a break from her studies. Watching the RIP shows makes me want to audition for RIP.

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  1. Good that you went to RIP, but proofread your posts.